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Buy Premium Magic Mushroom Spores crafted in our UK lab

Our sterile magic mushroom spore syringes are created in our UK based ISO 5 rated clean air environment to ensure your spores are healthy and clean. We've got a diverse collection of Psilocybe Cubensis spores sourced globally - including syringes and now for the first time swabs. Exclusively for microscopic research use.

Mycology.. but there's more to this

You might not know this but we're not just here to sell mushroom supplies. It's true.. our real objective is to challenge existing stigmas of mushrooms by promoting education, awareness, and responsible practices - one spore at a time. We believe in fostering a culture of openness, progressing scientific understanding that is available to all without prejudice.

Anyone that shares this sentiment, whether scientist, artist or even competitor - is an ally.

Premium Mushroom Substrate

Mushroom Grain Spawn for Exceptional Results

At Fungi Myco we meticulously craft our grain spawn to provide ideal conditions for robust mycelium growth. Suitable for both novice growers and experienced cultivators, our high-grade rye grain reliably produces exceptional results. We've also recently just released our Pasteurised Horse Manure, it's odourless and primed to increase yields.

Mushroom Grow Bags

Choose from a selection of Mushroom Grow Bags

We offer high grade mushroom grow bags designed for the aid of successful home or commercial cultivation. Start growing your favourite fungi with ease using our reliable and durable autoclavable mushroom substrate and grain bags available in a range of sizes.

Laminar Flow Hoods

Used lab grade Laminar Flow Hoods

Laminar flow allows controlled, smooth airflow to minimise airborne contaminants in laboratory settings. It ensures a uniform, one-directional flow, preventing cross-contamination, promoting a sterile and stable environment for more reliable research. So for serious mycologists - go with the flow and check out our Laminar Flow Hoods.

Future Developments and Ongoing Projects

  • We're hoping to launch liquid media extractors in June.
  • We've decided to delay pressing the button on the monotubs in order to research using plastic altenatives - ideally this would be mycelium moulds.

You can get updates on all this, regular discounts and more through our newsletter.


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