Psilocybe Argentina

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Our syringes are carefully crafted in our lab to ensure optimum viability. Each syringe is packed full of spores, ready to unlock the captivating world of microscopic fungi.

Product Description

In terms of its physical characteristics, the cap of the Argentina Cubensis ranges from 2 to 8 centimetres in diameter and exhibits a convex shape when young, gradually flattening with age. The colour of the cap is usually light brown to caramel, and its surface may have some pronounced striations, especially towards the edges. As the mushroom matures, the cap's color may shift to a paler shade.

The gills of the Psilocybe Argentina Cubensis are closely spaced and possess an adnate attachment to the stem. They are initially a pale greyish colour but eventually darken to a purplish-brown as the spores develop. These magic mushroom spores are dark purplish to and produce black spore prints seerving an important characteristic for identification.

These mushrooms often grow in warm, humid environments, favouring regions with a significant amount of rainfall and a substrate rich in decaying organic matter.

These spores are for microscopy study only

Product FAQs

Are magic mushroom spores legal?
Yes, it is legal to possess and sell magic mushroom spores in the UK, but it is illegal to grow or consume them. Those outside the UK should be familiar with the legal status of magic mushroom spores according to the intended purpose. Mycology is a rapidly growing activity.
How long do the mushroom spores last?
Spores should be kept in a cool environment like the fridge (4-8 degrees is ideal). We recommend to use them within 6 months but it's not uncommon for them to last years.

What will I receive?

  • Luer Lock Syringe (either 3ml or 10ml - depending on your order quantity) packed full of viable spores
  • Sterile Sealed Syringe Cap
  • Sterile Sealed Syringe Needle
  • Sterile Wipe
  • Labelled Zip Lock Bag

When will I receive it?

We usually get items ready and on their way for orders made before noon on working days, i.e. Mon-Fri & non-holidays (UK). Within the UK you could expect delivery times to be from 2-3 days. Outside the UK times can vary greatly - so it is better to order well in advance.

Can I return my item?

We don't accept returns on mushroom spores due to their perishable nature. However, we are decent, genuine people; so if you have received a damaged or defective product, then please contact us and we'll happily assist you. See our full refund policy.