PureAir PCR 36

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Product Description

This unit is in very good used condition.

In brief:

  • HEPA Filtration: Removes airborne contaminants
  • Unidirectional Airflow: Maintains sample integrity, prevents cross-contamination
  • User-Friendly Controls: Intuitive interface
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable working environment

In detail:

  • Contamination free workspace (plenty of room for multiple applications)
  • Multiplex HEPA filtration technology to create a safe, energy-efficient contaminant-free environment
  • UV Irradiation for Sterilisation
  • 360 degree visibility with UV absorbing polycarbonate construction
  • Designed for desktop use or installation on an optional base stand or mobile cart
  • Air cleanliness meets and exceeds ISO Class 5
  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • Equipped with germicidal UV lamp to create light emission conditions known to provide safe decontamination
  • UV Lamp: Built-in ultraviolet lamp with timer creates light emission conditions known to permit safe decontamination between PCR cycles. Includes a double-flap safety cover of 0.2" (5 mm) UV absorbing 254 nm beta radiation resistant polycarbonate; provides superior operator protection while allowing easy access to the work zone. Timer can be set over range of 0 to 60 minutes or set to HOLD
  • High Performance EC Fan
  • Main Filter: Main HEPA filter with 99.97% efficiency for 0.3 micron particulates.
  • Pre-Filter: The pre-filter can be changed while the unit is operating to prevent operator exposure to chemical vapors
  • Decontamination Shelf: Mounted on the back wall near the UV lamp for maximum exposure
  • Double-Hinged Self-Locking Front Sash: The magnetic sash closure protects samples on the work surface from contamination with up to 90 fpm airflow
  • Magnetic Door Latch: Safety interlock prevents operator exposure to UVs when door is opened during decontamination cycle. N. Double-Hinged Self-Locking Front
  • Usually recommended to run 30 min cycles for UV decontamination & sterilisation inside the flow hood


What will I receive?

  • A Laminar Flow Hood

When will I receive it?

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Can I return my item?

14 day returns on electrical goods. If you have received a damaged or defective product, then please contact us and we'll happily assist you. See our full refund policy.